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Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing Information

How much will it cost?

What do I need to do to get started?

What is your process?

Can you work with me long-distance?

How much will it cost?

Billing for web design and development services, social networking profile development and setup as well as print marketing material preparation is based on an hourly fee.* This fee is determined by the complexity of the project. The base rate for these services starts at $25 per hour.

Because each project is as unique as each of our client partners, it is impossible to quote an exact figure on this web site.

To receive a quote, please either send an email to describing your project or complete our online questionnaire.

*Please note that the hourly fee for print marketing materials does not include the cost of printing, shipping and handling. We will happily suggest a print vendor, or work with one of your choosing. Either way, any and all applicable charges from the selected print vendor will be passed on to the customer.

What do I need to do to get started?

bwkeyboardGetting started with Alpha And Omega By Design™ is very easy! Simply send an email to info@AlphaAndOmegaBy
describing the basics of your project or complete our online questionnaire. If you aren't sure exactly what you want, that is not a problem. At this stage, a brief overview is the perfect starting point.

We are also happy to take your call to assist in developing a written project overview. We can be reached at 312.436.1505.

What is your process?

We believe that the process for setting up a web site shouldn't be complicated.

After we receive a basic description of your project, we'll contact you to gather any additional information necessary.

Next, we'll review your requirements and formulate a development plan.

Then, we'll issue a quote.

Finally, if you like the price, we'll come to an agreement regarding your time expectations and proceed from there to implementation.

That's it - it's that easy!

Can you work with me long-distance?


While we prefer for the initial meeting to be in a face-to-face environment when possible, we are also pleased to correspond via telephone, email, instant messenger, fax, file transfers or even video conferencing.


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